Drawing from many complementary therapies, Applied Kinesiology provides an interdisciplinary approach to health care. AK allows the doctor to match the needs of the patient with the most appropriate therapies.

Specific Joint manipulation
Joint Mobilization
peripheral Nerve Entrapment
Myofascial Therapies
Muscle balancing
Cranial-sacral techniques
Acupuncture meridian balancing
Clinical nutrition
food sensitivities
toxicity Evaluation
Dietary management
Emotional Testing
Allergy Testing
Various Reflex Testing

Treatment avenues of Applied Kinesiology

The nervous system and its control of body functions is the most important area of investigation in most AK examinations.
The Neurolymphatic reflex is an important part of the lymphatic system examination and treatment protocol.
The Neurovascular reflex represents the blood vascular portions of examination and treatment.
The cranial-sacral primary respiratory system is an important influence on the flow of cerebral spinal fluid from and brain and surrounding the spinal cord.
The acupuncture meridian system is important to the flow of universal energy in a balanced manner throughout the body.